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Jim Cockrum

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Steve Lindhorst

Steve Lindhorst

Steve began working at eBay's San Jose Headquarters in the Spring of 2000. He served as eBay's Advertising Operations Manager until February, 2002. At that time he was invited to become one of only six contracted National eBay University Instructors. Since then he's traveled to all parts of the U.S. and taught thousands how to use eBay for personal and business income through lectures and individual instruction.

Having a life-long love for cars, Steve was thrilled to be chosen as the sole outside instructor for eBay University for Motors. With personal experience in auto sales, he is able to effectively teach auto dealers to use eBay Motors as an additional sales channel.

He is a dad, husband, blogger, speaker and instructor. All put together, it makes for a great reservoir from which to draw when he writes. Steve has written two eBooks about selling online.

Steve's Websites
Showroom Secrets
Selling on the River


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