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James J. Jones

James J. Jones

James is a recognized authority when it comes to finding little-known money making ideas both online and off. So, when his ezine subscribers started asking how they could make extra money selling on eBay James decided to investigate the opportunity further.

The very first product James sold (after getting his feet wet selling things around his house) was Cigar Boxes he would find in Cigar and Tobacco Shops. He found that many times he could buy a cigar box for 50 cents or $1 and resell it for $20 -- $30 or more.

James just assumed that collectors were buying his cigar boxes. But one day he got an email from a lady who asked him if she sent him a handle and screws would he drill holes in the box and attach the handle for her? That seemed like an odd request but always looking for new ways to make money James told her he would do it if she would tell him why. The lady emailed back that she wanted to make a cigar box purse but she didn't know how to drill the holes for the handle.

30 days later James came out with a Video Course called "How To Create Cigar Box Purses for Fun and Profit" that sold hundreds of copies on eBay for $29.99.

James now teaches others how to find items to sell on eBay and how to list them for maximum profit.

One of the sign up bonuses you'll get free when you join is James's "12 Little-Known, Niche eBay Markets You Can Profit from Now!"

One of James' many websites:

Here's one of his great books "Emergency Cash Generators" that will show you 101 great ideas to make some money FAST...no Internet needed! It's only found free right here as a member of MySilentTeam.com, but you can click the link to get a copy at his website.

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