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Cockrum Computer Services, Inc. BBB Business Review

Jim Cockrum

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Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum has inspired and earned the trust of tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs with his creative yet down to earth training style. He has sold millions of dollars of products and services online and has helped thousands of others start and grow successful eBay and online businesses since 2000.

Currently Jim is ranked as THE MOST trusted marketer on the internet by the third party watchdog site IMreportCard - a site that monitors thousands of products and experts in the Internet Marketing industry and relies on the votes of those with membership on their site.

Jim earns his living from the Internet and has worked from home in this biz since 2002 with his wife and five home schooled children who all enjoy the freedom of an Internet lifestyle. His free newsletter "CES News" is read by over 100,000 subscribers. (You can join that newsletter in the upper right hand corner of this page)

He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Men's Health Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, eBay radio, and hosts the weekly radio broadcast "Creative Internet Income Strategies".

He is best known for his all time best selling eBay/Amazon & Creative Internet success book titled "The Silent Sales Machine". That book has been read by more people than any other book in that niche (estimated 200,000 readers).

Jim's Products

Silent Sales Machine - Jim's best selling book now in it's 7th update. Never has a creative, insightful book driven so many to success.

Jim's #1 Best Selling "real book" sold everywhere is all about Growing a business online and Internet Marketing. The book is titled, "Free Marketing, 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online & Off" and is endorsed by respected leaders of our time like Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller.

Jim's popular blog - One of the most popular blogs around with links to creative ideas and videos.

Jim Cockrum

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  • Is our founder Jim Cockrum really the most trusted and respected Internet Income expert in the world?
    Independent watchdog Internet Marketing Report Card says so!

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