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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

The Jim Cockrum Newsletter
(aka CES News)

The most read eBay/Internet success newsletter on the planet

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Newsletter archives are listed below:

The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 04-18-14 Hype free advice about and other opportunities
Jim Cockrum
1. Comparing the course to other Amazon courses Recently there's been a lot of discussion online comparing the course to other courses that have come on the scene teaching people how to sell on Amazon. I won't ever say anything bad about the "competition", and in many cases the other courses are so niche focused that they aren't truly even a competing course, but I will tell you what the PAC has that no one can compete's an article I just wrote on the topic: Please chime in with your thoughts! 2. Private Labeling on Amazon? Wouldn't it be great to have a product sell . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 03-25-14 New self publishing course is released, and an online map for you
Jim Cockrum
1. Brand new Self Publishing Course just released! Jason Miles and I are both multiple title best selling authors across various niche markets and formats (print, kindle, audio books, ebooks etc.). We've partnered together over the last several months to create an online video course that is unlike anything else you've seen in the self publishing arena to this point. Our "PSP" approach will put you on a path toward success as a credible leader in your niche no matter what that niche might be. If you go through this course you'll launch better products faster, and grow a loyal online following at every step along the way. If you create content in any fashion online, or if you know you should be (you should be!) then this course is for you and we've priced it insa . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 03-07-14 My latest thoughts
Jim Cockrum
1. Do you need a payment processing service to sell your digital goods? If you sell digital goods or even physical products from your own website, you might simply use PayPal to process all those orders while you are getting started, but once you are ready to go to the next level you have many options for order processing. Some of the "next level" decisions you'll make include: o using your own merchant account to process orders o allowing affiliates to promote your stuff o adding buying customers to an email list o lumping your various products together so affiliates get paid no matter what purchases are made by your referred prospects o auto-deliver, or set up security features for your digital content etc. This means you'll need a third party or . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 02-20-14 What to sell, outsourcing, email and more for you!
Jim Cockrum
1. What to sell on Amazon Selling grocery items on Amazon is a hot topic these days and many sellers are building an entire business around that model. Imagine moving your family and living somewhere new where you just can't buy the snack foods you used to buy locally. You'd probably go online and look for it there right? Millions are doing just that around the world - and millions more are buying everything from diapers to cake mix on Amazon! Who is supplying the goods? WE ARE as Amazon's FBA sellers! If you've not taken our course yet about how to sell on Amazon NOW is the time to check it out at To learn groceries: There's a new guide I'm endorsing that is all about selling grocery items on Amazon. It's a fantastic GLOBAL strateg . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 02-05-14 Tips for newbies, How we pay partners & getting leads from eBay and Amazon
Jim Cockrum
1. Using eBay and Amazon to Find Lifelong Repeat Customers Whenever possible, every online biz needs to have an established automated process for turning online "traffic" into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into lifelong loyal fans (aka your "tribe"). Ten years ago I made my mark in the online world as one of the "go to" experts in the arena of systematically turning many of my eBay shoppers into lifelong loyal fans. Actually, many people reading this newsletter right now probably first found me via an eBay listing at some point all those years ago. (Trivia: the book "Silent Sales Machine" was actually originally titled, "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" where I revealed my eBay based tribe building strategies.) Things have changed . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 01-16-14 The latest on what to sell and where to find it
Jim Cockrum
1. New $7 Book Reveals Top Wholesale Sources Would you like a list of the favorite wholesale sources being used by one of my top partner/students? We've just released a new book that was written by a mastermind partner of mine who has had a great 5 year track record of finding highly profitable inventory to sell on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Ryan Reger and I just launched it...and for the rest of this month (Jan 2014) the price is set at only $7. Check this one out - the initial feedback has been fantastic. 2. Make Faster Decisions About What Inventory to Purchase The two simple metrics you should use when deciding what inventory to purchase are simply, "How fast will this product lik . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 01-10-14 The most useful & creative Amazon ideas for you
Jim Cockrum
1. They Sold $1 million on Amazon as a Team Last Year No scanning, no shipping to customers, barely even leaving home... I just recorded an interview with Jim Peterson. He and his wife sold over $1 million on in 2013 without shipping any products to any customers and without hiring any outside help. They didn't scan ANY retail, but instead used a very creative approach that any of us could duplicate. They worked from home and made big things happen mostly by email. You'll love this Amazon success story! Get full access to the entire interview and discuss it with others right here: (Yes, this is an international opportunity!) 2. "Automating Amazon" Webinar Recorded for . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 12-20-13 Kick Off 2014 with Fresh Ideas & a Solid Plan
Jim Cockrum
1. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Is Your ebiz at Risk? If you use Amazon, eBay, gmail, youtube etc. this is one you need to read: Big websites like those listed can seem a bit impersonal and unpredictable when it comes to enforcing their policies. It effects all of us. I'm dealing with it NOW actually. On Youtube RIGHT NOW some of the videos I have on one of my channels have been flagged entirely randomly as "inappropriate for minors". It's the craziest thing because you won't find anything remotely offensive or suggestive anywhere in the content. My attempts to repeal the ruling have gone ignored. For example, one flagged video shows my family and I opening and enjoying a box of my first published book that was sent to us from my publisher (talk about dangerous . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 12-05-13 Successful People, Ideas & Our Fast Expanding Community
Jim Cockrum
1. Why I Don't Endorse People in My Newsletter You likely enjoy this newsletter partially because I endorse tools, products and ideas that I have tested, use myself and LOVE...but... I no longer endorse people. Here's why: There's a dirty little secret you may not know about in the world of Internet Marketing and I do my best to shield my readers from its harmful effects. I call it the "big sell out". Let's talk about it: 2.You Must Have a Community Over 300 readers of this newsletter attended my first ever live conference last month in Orlando. As I take in the big picture lessons from the event perhaps the BIGGEST lesson learned is this: You MUST be a part of a community if you are going to su . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 11-19-13 SEO tips, Selling on Amazon & our 1st live event wrap up
Jim Cockrum
1. SEO is DEAD You might recall that way before it was cool to say "SEO IS DEAD" I was saying it. I've been predicting the death of that term and the strategy that is "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) for nearly 5 years now...and I'm FINALLY finding myself in the midst of increasingly mainstream bloggers, writers and marketers who are starting to echo that message. The truth is becoming increasingly obvious to anyone who is waking up to the tricks of the hype driven marketing gurus lined up selling SEO tips, tricks and money sucking garbage. Read the rest of this article here: 2. Our first live event. Orlando was AWESOME! We just wrapped up the first live event ever for my r . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 10-19-13 Encouragement for you & some hot tips on what to sell online
Jim Cockrum
1. Does Internet business drive you a little crazy? You aren't alone! I talk to Internet entrepreneurs (i-treps) all the time. That's who reads my stuff and buys my courses. Many of them are VERY successful, and many are VERY confused...and most are a unique combination of BOTH ...and it's no wonder there are so many would be biz builders who are floundering and nervous while they swim upstream... Read the rest of this article here: If you look ONLY to Amazon to determine what's "hot" and "selling fast" you might miss out on some under the radar ideas that are harder to spot. Here's an idea... One of the fastest ways to determine if your inventory is "hot enough" . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 10-04-13 Imagine running multiple businesses online while traveling
Jim Cockrum
1. Multiple businesses online without losing focus Here's a recent question I got from a blog reader: "Hey Jim, What is your personal strategy and mindset for making sure you don't lose focus on any one of your businesses while creating multiple streams of income? " I love this question. I'll invent a new term as part of my answer: "Disciplined Distractibility"... Get the rest of this story here: 2. Build your online biz while traveling? Yes! contributor and all around online entrepreneur rock star Andy Dew has a new book out that I helped edit a bit for my audience. I'm excited to endorse it and bring it to you. It's titled, "The Art of Traveling For Free" Learn to grow your . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 09-25-13 Facebook leads fast & where to start online if you aren't sure
Jim Cockrum
1. Generate leads for just about anything FAST on Facebook Hundreds of readers of this newsletter gathered live online for an incredible Facebook lead generation training event recently. During and after the event hundreds left glowing feedback comments about the training and the content. If you missed it we recorded it for you here: Before you watch, you might scroll down that page and read some of the hundreds of positive comments left by your fellow readers. (Leave your own comment after you watch the training if you'd like to!) The full recording above was 2 hours (long, I know), so if you prefer a faster demonstration of the Facebook lead generation software that we showed during the training, here's a much shorter video that sums . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 09-14-13 Facebook marketing, Orlando event update & much more
Jim Cockrum
1. Join me via video live for online Facebook marketing training! Unlike nearly every other online marketing "expert" on the planet, I've never promoted training for Facebook (or any social media for that matter) including the hundreds of products & courses that are out there. There's a good reason for it. Nothing has significantly impressed me enough to warrant my endorsement. I'm just not seeing RESULTS, but something has caught my attention... Until now I've simply seen Facebook as a place to interact in a genuine way with your audience, and to occasionally build your email mailing list with soft pitch offers, but there's a new approach I want to show you LIVE via video on Sept 19th. Get details below and plan to attend my first ever "live feed" video . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 09-06-13 Seasonal inventory ideas for you plus Amazon & eBay seller strategies
Jim Cockrum
1. Should you sell on eBay or Amazon? I got my start on eBay over 12 years ago. My staff and I still sell several thousand dollars of transactions on eBay every month, but the "new game in town" is Amazon, right? So, which is better? Why not both? Keeping my eBay account active and flowing (I'm a top rated seller) has lead to many opportunities which I wouldn't have had otherwise. It's part of my "multiple streams" philosophy. Recently I was able to assist a client in moving a huge stash of inventory on eBay. These are items that they were already able to move easily on Amazon, but by going "multi-channel" we began selling several per day on eBay as well. It's a unique consignment model we have set up where I do all the selling and they do all the shipping. . . . keep reading
The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 08-24-13 Two top tips for biz success, and should you ask for reviews on Amazon?
Jim Cockrum
1. The two ingredients needed for true biz success Recently my 16 year old asked me what my definition of an entrepreneur is. Here's my short answer. Do you agree? Get the rest in my latest blog post: 2. "Buy Local Sell to the World" Price Increase Alert On August 30th our hottest new ebay/amazon product sourcing course which launched recently for $7 will be going up in price to nearly $29. "Buy Local Sell To The World" - get it at our best price here before the 30th: This course contains four step-by-step videos as well as multiple links to the sites & resources used by those making a killing finding local treasures and selling them to eager buyers globally. There' . . . keep reading
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