The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 3-10-2012 - Pinterest, Facebook, eBay and Amazon updates - all for you

The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 3-10-2012 - Pinterest, Facebook, eBay and Amazon updates - all for you

The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 3-10-2012 - Pinterest, Facebook, eBay and Amazon updates - all for you

Jim Cockrum

1. New class forming "Liquidation Investment Training"

One of my top students (Linda) has successfully launched two six-figure hands free businesses online based on the ideas she's learned from my book at and this newsletter. One of her businesses has a unique spin that allows us to share it with a good handful of others without ANY risk of competition or saturation, so we are forming a class now that is due to launch next month (April 2012).

Read the full article here about this "coming soon" class:

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2. Putting Pinterest to work

I dropped you a brief email recently about Immediately one of the long time readers of this newsletter replied back with some great ideas to share with us all.

Jason and Cinnamon Miles are long time readers of this newsletter and one of the cool success stories you'll find in my books , "Silent Sales Machine" and the book. Check out their biz at They've come a long way fast!

Jason has a great blog regarding using Pinterest as an online biz tool:

Jason's Pinterest account: (look for me on his "Marketing Guru Short List" - thanks Jason!)

Another interesting Pinterest board being used by a non-profit to get their message out (so you can see another example):

My budding Pinterest board:

3. Quick Tips

  • Quick Tip 1

Pending Spring 2012 eBay seller changes.

eBay is rolling out some changes that you've likely heard about by now. If you want to try to obtain or maintain "top seller status" you'll need to check this out.

Terry Gibbs has a great article expressing his take on the matter here:

  • Quick Tip 2

Facebook is changing too

John Jonas recently sent me a link to a comprehensive article about the changes happening at Facebook. If you use Facebook for your business or for clients heads up! "Timeline" for fan pages is shifting in some pretty major ways. Details:

  • Quick Tip 3

Expand your audience at warp speed

What's the best way to grow your online audience fast? This brand new blog post answers the question from my perspective. What do you think? Let's chat about it (leave a comment after you read it).

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