The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 02-07-13 The best business ideas you’ll get all week

The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) 02-07-13 The best business ideas you'll get all week

Jim Cockrum

1. Can I give you my latest short book?

At only 27 pages this short book contains the ten lessons I've learned in ten years while I've sold millions of dollars of products and services online.

Get it using the below link no strings attached! All I ask is that you leave a comment or feedback:

2. Could you be helping businesses with your marketing knowledge?

If you've been reading my newsletter for more than a few months or hanging out in the Internet marketing "arena" online for awhile, there's an opportunity right under your nose.

Andrew (my co-founder and partner at just finished a special report that will convince you that YOU have the ability to approach businesses and get paid VERY WELL by offering online marketing services.

These services don't even have to be performed by you - at we teach you this entire powerful business model - including how to find low cost yet highly proficient partners who can help with any techie task.

We are giving away the new report here:

(NOTE: This biz model is one of only three business models that I teach or talk about. You can learn more about these three models as well as why I don't like any other online models in my $5 book sold at

3. Quick Tips

  • Quick Tip 1

Learn the win/win/win strategy that gets online results fast for any biz

A large part of my annual income is a direct result of creative partnerships with other online leaders. Anyone can do this business even if you aren't yet an "online leader".

When done right, these creative partnerships produce true win/win/win arrangements. In my case that means you, my audience of readers win, the person approaching me with content or a good idea wins (he gets publicity, attention, sales etc.), and I win because my readers love me more and I frequently get a commission on any sales if there's affiliate marketing involved.

Want to learn more...for only $5 from one of my top students who "gets it"?

One of my past students (and now brilliant colleague) Amir has a course that you should definitely pick up while it's only $5 at this special link:

  • Quick Tip 2


The husband wife team behind one of the success stories featured in my book just made a national TV appearance on the popular U.S. based show "Shark Tank". It was fantastic exposure for their product! Congrats!

You can read their story on page 113 of the book & catch their appearance (they got GRILLED) here: (they are the last segment at the 32:00 mark - you'll have to endure some commercials to get there)

The lesson? Steven and Lena got started by becoming leaders in an online niche. They hung out on forums with like minded people and contributed. They also simple, yet useful content for youtube. That lead to the business that now generates a very nice mid-six figure living for them.

  • Quick Tip 3

Piles and Piles of testimonials from readers!

Check out the below page for two quick lessons:

Lesson one: We are helping a LOT of people around here Lesson two: Sharing real success stories is a "must do" form of marketing for any business

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