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Jim Cockrum

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Private label product crossed into top 1%...

A little something to encourage newbies like me. I'm just into my third month since joining PAC and selling through FBA. So far today has marked 2 milestones:
1) I have just received my 11th "Amazon has shipped your item" email. Totaling 12 sales for today.
2) My own "private label" product just crossed into the top 1% in Beauty.

All this while living on the other side of the world and doing everything through my laptop
I left my salaried position in a big ministry more than a year ago and it has been tough (trying to sell the house to clear the mortgage, etc. while planting a couple of house churches for people who would never step into a typical church service and training others in India and Cambodia to do the same AND fundraising for the orphanage and school my wide and I started there!), but at this rate I just have to triple my current sales for the profit to match my previous salary

Many thanks to Jim, Barrington, Duane and so many of you who have availed yourselves and helped tremendously in this adventure!

— Jason T., posted at My Silent Team Facebook Group

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