CES Newsletter 02-15-2011 - The Million Dollar Pizza Man

CES Newsletter 02-15-2011 - The Million Dollar Pizza Man

CES Newsletter 02-15-2011 - The Million Dollar Pizza Man

Jim Cockrum

1. From delivering pizza to a million dollar biz

Imagine going from delivering pizza one week to launching a business with hundreds of thousands of dollars of business lined up with multiple clients just a short time later.

That's exactly what just happened to George and you can hear it in his own words because he just called me on Friday so excited and talking so fast he about melted the phone. I recorded it all for you so you can hear how he's done it.

No agenda, nothing for sale - he called me because he wanted to tell us his mind blowing story.

Some details:

George is a member of OfflineBiz.com that lost his job in 2010 and had to start working delivering pizza just to pay the bills for his family of five. He got serious about applying what he's learned from me and started making big things happen.

Now he's running a business that is booming - and it all just launched in December 2010!

...and he credits MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com for getting him there.

Hear the live call here (recorded Friday while driving to a retreat with his wife - their first vacation in a long time):


Happy Valentine's Day guys!

We are adding multiple new success stories every week. It's amazing.

2. Half off my latest e-book!

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3. Quick Tips

  • Quick Tip 1

A great lesson from the richest man I ever met:


(this is a short audio recording I just made -let me know what you think)

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