Amazon "newbie" Brett won a $5,000 bet on Jim’s blog...and then he sold $100K in a month on Amazon!

Amazon "newbie" Brett won a $5,000 bet on Jim's blog...and then he sold $100K in a month on Amazon!

Amazon "newbie" Brett won a $5,000 bet on Jim's blog...and then he sold $100K in a month on Amazon!

Brett Bartlett talks with Jim Cockrum about his success
(see updates below)

With no prior online selling experience, Brett purchased the PAC course just a few months ago...and he just had a $100K sales month on Amazon!

In this interview you'll hear the many creative ways he finds profitable inventory (that he sells for up to 10X his price!), how his life has changed in just a few months & how he hires family and friends to constantly grow the business... and more. If you find this interview motivational and informative please scroll to the bottom and leave a comment!

Check out the full interview here:

Download the mp3 file of this interview here or click "play" below to listen now.

Here's the back story on how Brett and I (Jim C) first met in October 2012 including the $5,000 bet that Brett won on my blog:

I first met Brett when he left a comment on my blog post at thanking me for helping him (Brett) sell $1,000.00 per day on Amazon. As soon as Brett left that blog comment, a follow up comment was left by Chuck - another blog reader. Chuck's post challenged Brett's results. The challenger (Chuck) was so sure that Brett was making up his results that Chuck placed a bet right on the blog in the comments. Chuck bet Brett $5,000 that Brett could not prove his results.

This video tells the whole story and what happened next (yes, Brett PROVED it!)...

NOTE: In this interview Brett mentions a book about retail inventory cycles
as one he recommends for Amazon sellers. It is no longer available.

If you have trouble viewing the above video on YouTube, please use this link to check it out.

Update June 2015
Brett now has over 30 people on his team
and has built a multi-million dollar business. Hear the story!

Jim's Intro of Brett at CES III

For an update on how Brett has now grown to an 8 figure business on Amazon,
listen to episode #2 of my podcast, Silent Sales Machine Radio.


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