Fulfillment By Amazon Coaching is finally here.

Fulfillment By Amazon Coaching is finally here.

Over the last few months we have had an overwhelming response of people who have had massive success with our "Proven Amazon Course". There have also been a ton of requests from the people who purchased the Proven Amazon Course to get some additional help and training on scanning and sourcing products to sell in Amazons FBA program.

You asked for it, so based on those requests we have put together a "hand holding step-by-step" coaching program specifically for a limited number of people who want to take full advantage of one of the easiest and best ways to make money online, Selling On Amazon's FBA program.

Chris Green and our other Amazon experts have generously agreed to provide an exclusive "no holds barred" coaching and mentoring program for only 30 people that we will be teaching step by step how to:

  • How to use Amazons FBA program to its fullest potential.
  • How to use his FBAScout scanning system to research find and sell profitable products on Amazon FBA.
  • How to use FBA Power and the tools of the trade to quickly list and ship your items to Amazons FBA Warehouse.
  • How to source profitable Retail products to sell on Amazon FBA right in your area. This course is not limited to book selling.
  • How to avoid making the most common mistakes & trial and error most newbie's make selling on Amazons FBA program
  • How to save time & money running your business using the Amazon FBA system at optimum efficiency and profitability.
We have designed this coaching program specifically for people who want to take their online business to the next level. We will be providing this to a limited group of 30 people so we can provide high quality training and give everyone who signs up for this program the individualized attention they need to get serious results.

In fact, you will be getting direct access to Chris Green's personal cell phone for direct contact so there is no waiting to get your questions answered and get help directly from one of the best in the business and the CEO/Creator of FBAPower & FBAscout. Chris is also our most popular expert on all things "Amazon" on MySilentTeam.com.

If you have taken advantage of my other courses or training in the past you will know that this is the real deal. I don't put out coaching & training like this unless I know that it will deliver the goods so you can rest assured that if you are one of the exclusive 30 people who get the opportunity to work with Chris Green you will be making a very wise decision and investment into your online business.

Now I know the big question you are probably asking at this point is "How much is this going to cost?"

Anytime you hear the term "Coaching" you generally expect "High Dollar" figure's for this type of exclusive training. We have made this training not only affordable but have made it exclusive to only 30 people so that everyone can get the individual help they need to get the desired end result.

Chris and I wanted to give the fast acting 30 people that enroll 10x the value for the cost on this program so the cost of this coaching opportunity will be a drop in the bucket compared to the income you will have the ability make using the proven techniques Chris Green and the team will be teaching.

There are two coaching packages available.

  • Package #1: also includes one year of the FBAPower Pack (FBAPower and FBAScout - the power tools that Chris personally had created to propel his own Amazon business to HUGE) at a discounted price of $400 for the entire year. Price: $1597

  • Package #2: is just for the coaching. You can use whatever tools you choose to scout and list on Amazon. The only difference in this package is that the one year of FBAPower Pack is not included. If you purchase this package, you are free to use whatever services you prefer to scout and list. Price: $1197

  • Both packages include full access to our PAC course as shown at ProvenAmazonCourse.com
Regardless of package choice -we are only taking 30 students and only have a few slots left as of Monday June 20th.

Notice: This business will require you to buy a label printer. We recommend the Dymo 450 for low price, easy availability and known compatibility. Cost: ~$90.

Our suggested scanning tool "FBAScout" runs on iPhone and Android devices. You can use the camera to scan barcodes but a Bluetooth scanner is much faster. We recommend the Scanfob 2002 from SerialIO.com and will explain why in the coacing. Cost: ~$300 (not a requirement to get started).

Consider these costs when signing up. If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, you will need one to take advantage of FBAScout. These items are not included in the package price because some users already have this equipment. With the information provided in this course, you can choose how big or how small you want to start. You can also choose when you want to start. There is no race to get started. Learn as you go and grow your business at a pace that you are comfortable with. You don't NEED any equipment to get started.

Please note: this is a course on retail arbitrage (buy low sell high on MANY different items), it's not just about books and media. FBAScout is designed specifically for retail arbitrage and shows pricing data for every single item on Amazon in every category. It's AMAZING to watch.

If you use a different scouting service that limits what you are able to scout (such as a service that only scans books and media items), then you may put yourself at a disadvantage to capitalizing on the information provided in this course.

Here is the Outline on what the FBA Coaching program with Chris Green and the MySilentTeam.com Amazon expert team will Cover.

  • Getting Started
  • New to online selling?
  • Should I sell on Amazon?
  • What is Amazon Prime? Why does this matter?
  • What is a fulfillment company? How is FBA different?
  • How do FBA sellers price their items? Why?
  • What are scanners? How do they work? Do I need one?
  • What is Retail Arbitrage?
  • First steps: Get FBAScout and get out and scan stuff!
  • Learn to read FBAScout pricing data
  • Learn to understand Sales Rank (what it is; what it isn't)
  • Unsure of profitability? Send in examples for expert analysis
  • Once you have at least 100 items to sell, then open an Amazon account
  • Navigating your Amazon seller account
  • Individual account vs. Pro Merchant account (compare and contrast)
  • Adding FBA to your Amazon seller account
  • Adding international shipping to your Amazon FBA account
Product Sources
  • Thrift stores, library sales, book sales, garage sales, estate sales, retail stores
  • Why there is always something of value
  • How to be a good scanner (manual ISBN entry, doing what other scanners won't do)
  • Why other scanners are lazy and how not to not be a lazy scanner
  • Why FBA sellers play by different rules than other sellers
  • Secret product sources
  • How to run an FBA consignment business (with local stores, too)
  • How to get the lowest 'out-the-door' costs at retail (tax free, coupons, rebates, cashback, reward etc.)
  • Preparing Your First FBA Shipment Using FBAPower
  • Signing up for FBAPower
  • FBAPower account creation
  • Batch naming, MSKU system, label printer settings
  • Learning to price FBA items
  • Batch creation
  • Batch completion in your Amazon Shipping Queue (packing slips and UPS labels)
  • Advanced Uses of FBA
  • Multi channel fulfillment (eBay, other sales channels)
  • International FBA countries
Software/Hardware/Costs if you use Chris's products (Package #1 from above):
  • FBAPower (PC, internet, printer, USB scanner (~$60))
  • FBAScout (iPhone, Android), data plan
  • Label printer (~$90), Bluetooth scanner (~$290)
  • Boxes, tape, packing materials

Chris is happy to coach students that are using alternate scouting (barcode scanning) tools as well of course.

All training will be provided by phone as group calls. We will record each call and make the recordings available to the students that enroll. You'll also get Chris's cell phone number for individual attention on any details you need help with.

Here Is How You Get Enrolled: To get enrolled for the FBA Coaching Program with Chris Green please call 1-800-578-3449 and give this code: FBA201

Then one of my coaching consultants will help get you enrolled (If you are one of the first 30 people to call in). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & PayPal.

If you do not get in before the first 30 people we will be happy to put you on a list in case someone drops out of the program. Again, we can only provide this to 30 people right now because Chris can only help so many people at once and we want to provide the highest quality coaching and service so make sure to hurry and secure your spot today because these coaching slots will fill up quickly. The last two times I offered individual coaching to 30 students we did not repeat the offer ever.

Have a question? Ready to go? Call 1-800-578-3449 to Get Enrolled or Talk to us about it. When you call refer to code: FBA201