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Click to read>> July 29, 2014

  1. Are live meetings still needed in the Internet age? YES!
  2. Canada has new email laws. Will this effect your email marketing?
  3. Quick tips:
      - Are you ready to go International with your Amazon biz?
      - I want a real business! What's a simple first step in the right direction?
      - Can't make it to Dallas next month for our live CES event? Here's the next best thing
      - Have you ever used

Click to read>> June 4, 2014

  1. Do you have questions about sales taxes and selling on Amazon?
  2. How I sold $400,000+ in the last 2 months online
  3. Quick tips:
      - Email can be unreliable...don't miss an issue!
      - New book shows how powerful STORIES are in business
      - Nearly 12,500 people can't be wrong!

Click to read>> May 14, 2014

  1. What drives online sales?
  2. Importing from China - new book from a 25+ year importing veteran!
  3. Homeless and jobless using the PAC course to get on their feet?
  4. Quick tips:
      - What tax issues do you need to be aware of on Amazon FBA?
      - We could have easily sold 2,000 tickets but we only sold 500

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