Over a decade of successfully teaching what works NOW online...

Over a decade of successfully teaching what works NOW online...

Can we show you how to create a real online business that gets results while freeing up your time? Let's make this your year! You'll be learning from the most trusted team of internet business experts with over a decade of proven success teaching thousands how to build thriving online businesses.

If you are ready to...
Be your own boss
Make your own hours
Determine your own path
Finally be effective online
Find globally connected, likeminded partners and experts

Then this site and the team of assembled experts are here to make that dream a reality. Over 20,400 people have signed up so far* and YOU are next...

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I just want to take a moment and speak to the value of this group...
I'm not paid by Jim Cockrum to say this. I have just purchased the PAC although I have been a member of this group for about a year now keep reading

I am fired up about PAC! So much GOLD packed in this one course!
Man, I made a list of great ideas that I could implement creating an international business. keep reading

Take action folks, don't wait like I did.
I think I bought PAC back in May. Started going through the courses. Didn't take any action.... Fast forward to August 18th when I finally took some a keep reading

You are the biggest reason I'm successful in online business.
You're interview on... changed my life forever. I started by selling stuff in my house on Amazon and since then grown rapidly using arbitrage. Here's a snapshot of my sales on Amazon after FBA fees: keep reading

Thank you for the PAC!
I started my business slowly because there is a wealth of valuable information on every page, in every link, in each video and in every support e-mail. keep reading

Today's exactly one month from the date I started
The whole thing started a few months ago in a bookstore in Toronto. After quitting a phd program in psychology keep reading

I have been very pleased with the value
I bought an overpriced Amazon course and found the content less than stellar. Luckily, I was within the money back guarantee time period. After wand keep reading

The first 3 things we listed with Amazon sold immediately!
Hi Jim, I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are since we purchased the PAC course.!! We are still in the early stages of the training and can't keep reading

You really have changed my family's life.
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the guidance that you and the community you have built has given me. You really have changed my famil keep reading

no email to answer, no packing slip to print, no items to package up, and nothing to take to the PO or UPS.
Sent my first shipment to AZ on Friday. 7 boxes in all to 3 different locations. 2 are still in transit. (Newbie learning curve. Don't package all you keep reading

One of the best decisions I've ever made!
Joining Jim Cockrum's coaching program about 2.5 years ago was one of the best decisions I've ever made! It will impact the rest of my life keep reading

Do not make the same mistake!
Do not make the mistake I made with PAC this year! I purchased PAC this past summer on the recommendation of my friend Jeffrey Clark. NOT the most org keep reading

PAC allowed Shane to quit his cubicle job after 3 months
Finding PAC and implementing the strategies in the course has allowed Shane to quit his loathed, corporate, cubicle job only 3 months after buying PAC keep reading

Truly Inspirational
I am still going through the Proven Private Label and CES Videos at the moment. They are truly inspirational. What I like about Jim and especially his keep reading

From "fired" to $100k in sales in 6 months
Fired in 2011 after 32 years of retail. (I was always the one doing the hiring & firing). Managed big box home improvement stores. Like Jim Cockrum ma keep reading

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These three models make up our CES approach to multiple income streams. The vast majority of our students start out with the simplest and most quickly profitable model which is "Sell."

If you are ready to get serious and join a community of driven online business builders who put ethics first while getting results, then you are ready to join us.