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Before you came along Jim...
"... I thought online selling was just too steep a learning curve for me, but I don't feel that way anymore, thanks to your resources and testimonials keep reading

Wow! I am so impressed!!
"Wow! I am so impressed!! ...hands down this is the best group I've found helping people be successful with selling physical products on-line!!" br keep reading

I want Jim to also know how much I appreciate his business ethics
and just the fact that he took the time to write the book to give others the opportunity to change their circumstances. keep reading

PPI is the best course I have taken
that explains what I am really doing to make money keep reading

My coaching time with ****** was excellent
I so appreciate having early access to the the training materials your produce keep reading

I was one of Jim Cockrum's very first coaching students. This was definitely not a mistake!
That was the first of many calls from this honest, caring and moral internet entrepreneur. His calls encouraged and instructed me in my "next steps" to growing the business of my dreams. keep reading

The training that I received during coaching was a game-changing experience for me.
I was paired with a coach who was an expert on FBA and with her help and encouragement I was able to set my business on a track that would allow me to quit my 9-5 job... keep reading

The training you are providing me is far more valuable, in practical ways, than its dollar cost.
I like to thank my coach, she is knowledgeable, proficient in her teaching, and patient. keep reading

I myself was VERY skeptical about joining your coaching program
I had been burned to the tune of thousands of dollars by other people claiming to be able to show me a way to make money online. keep reading

Jim I have never met you in person but...
I have gradually built myself and family a sustainable life that has allowed me to enjoy my 2 year old son. keep reading

Jim the new ebay ebook just paid for itself
Can't wait till I actually get efficient with this technique! keep reading

I highly recommend this course to people in the U.K.
I am in the U.K and so I was initially unsure whether the content of PAC would be relevant to my market. keep reading

I simply wanted to take a moment to offer you my sincerest thanks
We launched the product last week (*******) and it seems to be off to a good start. keep reading

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