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Cockrum Computer Services, Inc. BBB Business Review

Over a decade of successfully teaching what works NOW online...

Can we show you how to create a real online business that gets results while freeing up your time? Let's make this your year! You'll be learning from one of the most trusted experts online and his hand picked team of experts and former students.

If you are ready to...
Be your own boss
Make your own hours
Determine your own path
Finally be effective online

Then this site and the team of assembled experts are here to make that dream a reality. Over 11,100 people have signed up so far* and YOU are next...

Join The Team

What to expect from our world class training site:

TIMELY ADVICE: The latest training on what works now in the world of Internet Marketing and growing a successful business online. This is a "hype-free" zone full of ONLY stuff that works long term.

COMMUNITY: Access to experts and members who "get it". We've all been "newbies" at some point, but many of our members have gone on to be successful experts with huge followings of their own...and we give them special incentives to hang out here on our forums to assist our newest members and continue creating great content for us all to benefit from. We also pay over 15 expert moderators to hang out on our forums and help with any questions!

EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES: Free access to many of the courses and tools that Jim talks about in his newsletter and books. You'll find many shockingly valuable, yet "unadvertised" bonuses inside this site once you join.

Amazon & eBay: The most cutting edge training on growing an Amazon or eBay business as well as how to use those sites to market just about ANYTHING. You don't have to start on eBay or Amazon, but many of our members did (and many are making a killing there in 2014!)

ACCESSIBLE: Neatly organized departments that make it easy for you to "keep up" with the latest news and training, while easily taking advantage or our archives of fantastic training at your own pace.

The first ever "get together" for MySilentTeam members happened in late 2013 in Orlando, FL. The event sold out as over 300 attended from all over the world.

Are you tired of trying to figure out who to listen to when it comes to succeeding on the Internet and eBay? You need to listen to those that have already succeeded themselves!

Jim's newest book - click here. This is a must read top seller full of great examples and success tips for online business (or offline business)!
It's endorsed by Dave Ramsey and dozens of the other biggest names in Internet Marketing. The reviews are fantastic! Available via and in bookstores everywhere.
Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online Or Off by Jim Cockrum
Keep up to date on The Jim Cockrum Newsletter (aka CES News) - see the latest three editions here. Jim Cockrum's Latest Newsletters

*membership total as of Feb 2014

Check out a HUGE stack of testimonials and sample content:

My sister in law has now quit her job to come and work with us...
Hi Jim, I thought I'd email you to say a huge thank you for all your help. I've been doing PAC since the end of October in the UK with my brother and it has grown so fast. My sister in law ha . . . keep reading

Kat Simpson
Kat Simpson As a pioneer in eCommerce, Kathy "Kat" Simpson has more than 15 years experience in online merchandising, in addition to her expertise as a frequent speaker, author, broadcaster, educator and Social Media consultant--helping others develop their own skills in the online commerce space. . . . keep reading

I tell people it is the best investment I have ever made...much better than what I paid for my Bachelors and Masters!
From the MST Facebook group discussion(compiled comments from Jason Tay) The thing that really helped me the most was joining PAC. I tell people it is . . . keep reading

Going past $5,000/month with help from this group
I wanted to take the time tonight to thank everyone who has answered my questions and shared so much through this page. The past 3 months I have spent learning , buying, and selling. I am s . . . keep reading

Recently broke $10,000 gross in 30 days on Amazon
My wife is the real FBA seller, and I just play a supporting role. She has really taken off since CES Orlando, which we both attended. She's gone from minimal sales then, to recentl . . . keep reading

One of the good guys
Jim, thank you for being one of the good guys out there in the IM world. — Wes Nease . . . keep reading

Huge success with the PAC course (from the UK)
Hey guys, I've been doing FBA for the last 5 months and having huge success with the PAC course so thank you to Jim and the team. — Eddie Robertson, posted . . . keep reading

PAC chosen as core training for 25+ year old training ministry for the homeless
"The course is the most powerful opportunity training I have found. Believe me, I have looked at more than I can count. The PAC will be the core of our training." p align= . . . keep reading

Choosing an affiliate tracking & payment service
I get asked a lot about my preference for tracking orders and making sales of digital goods online. There are numerous options available so I thought I'd start a conversation on the topic. ifram . . . keep reading

Just follow the system, listen to the advice...
Here are my results of my first 3 weeks with FBA...Sent my first shipment on Feb 1, It was checked in on Feb 8. Now have had 19 sales (about 1 per day) for a total of $509.33. Keep in mind, I would se . . . keep reading

UK Newbie sells 58 Units in 30 Days!
Ok - having read a few inspiring posts lately I guess it is time for me to add my own journey to the mix. I bought PAC in the middle of January and sent my first shipment to Amazon on 22 Jan. The item . . . keep reading

Private label product crossed into top 1%...
A little something to encourage newbies like me. I'm just into my third month since joining PAC and selling through FBA. So far today has marked 2 milestones: 1) I have just received my 11th &q . . . keep reading

Well... that is when the magic started.
Hey guys seeing the Dallas Conference announcement brought me back to September of last year. I was selling on Amazon (.com) for my 7th year and dealing strictly with Retail arbitrage and experimentin . . . keep reading

Success with Jim's coaching!
Recently Jim's coaching director Nathan (from recorded a phone call with Alex - a coaching student who went through our one-on- . . . keep reading

2 AM, sick with fever, and still listening to PAC audio!
Hey Jim, thanks for this valuable audio. I purchased PAC yesterday and now I am still going through it while it's 2 0'clock in the morning, lying down in bed with a fever. That's how interesting it is . . . keep reading

Fast Action. Fast Results.
Sent in my first two shipments Friday morning and by 5pm I had sold 2 items. My 2nd box of new items went live on Saturday morning and on Sunday evening I made a sale. I was overjoyed with this becaus . . . keep reading

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